The latest recipients of the Champion Fruit and Vegetable Eater Certificate in 4th class:

Liam and Michaela. Well done!

*******Click the link below to see us showing our support of the Irish Ladies Rugby team this weekend against Scotland! *******

Fourth Class are almost finished their “Design a Car” STEAM project. The project is being led by Aaron Frawley. Every member of the class has designed and built their own unique car, with structurally sound interiors and very stylish interiors. Each car has also been fitted with a functioning motor! Stay tuned for the final result!

Congratulations to 4th class student Rebecca who represented the Nicole Sweeney School of Dance at the British and Irish Masters 2024 in Tralee. Rebecca won first place in the U12 beginners solo free style.

February Food Dudes Champions

This weeks Food Dudes Certificate winners in fourth class:

Gold Certificate Winner: Liam

Platinum Certificate Winner: Seán Ryan

Class Certificate Winner: Aaron Frawley

This weeks Food Dudes certificate winners in Fourth Class:

Gold Certificate Winner: Liam

Platinum Certificate Winner: Seán

Class Certificate Winner: Aaron


Last week, Aaron made a presentation about his cardboard car collection to 4th class. He gave a detailed report on his construction materials, methodologies and designs. From engine installation to adding functional lights, Aaron provided an amazing learning experience to the class.


Isolda and Micheala earned a Food Dudes Best Effort Gold Certificate this week. Their efforts earned a full homework pass on a night of their choosing.

Seán, 4th class, earned a Food Dudes Best Effort Gold Certificate this week. His efforts also earned a Homework Pass.

Ríain, 4th class earned a Food Dudes Best Effort Platinum Certificate this week. Ríain’s effort also earned a two night Homework Pass.

Liam, 4th Class earned his Food Dudes Silver Best Effort Certificate this week. He also earned a Thursday night Homework Pass.

Procedural Writing: Fruit Salad!

This week, 4th class decided to revise procedural writing by making a fruit salad. This activity was done through Irish and all students present participated. Great fun was had by all.

Halloween in 4th Class

4th Class conducted an experiment with lines and angles to create 3D stairs in Art class:

Boher Community Development Group organised a Well Being workshop in Boher Parish Hall on Friday 15th September. Students from Boher were invited to take part . Finding Your Wings with Una Curran  provided a great experience to fourth class. The students (and Staff) got to take part in a variety of mindful breathing exercises, Brain Gym Activities, Yoga and Story Massage. As you can see from pictures, it was a thoroughly enjoyable and relaxing experience